A smart shoe made of bio-waste material

Integrates you and nature into a unique activity

Health and well-being icon

Health and well-being

How about giving ear to the peaceful call of nature? Put on your PoplarShoe and feel the breeze. Bring daily improvement to your well-being.

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Innovation, design and science

PoplarShoe reforms footwear for a daily use, and combines many disciplines. Unique features of Poplar fibres, nanotechnology, design, art, and electronics all are harmonized in integrity to offer you best.

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Interactive, Smart, Hi-Tech

PoplarShoe will offer you to interact with walking, running, jogging like no other way and the PoplarShoe app is your guidance all along the way.

Poplar fibres

poplar fibres

Soft, fluffy and abundant

Poplar /ˈpɒp.lər/ fibre is a natural material, which is obtained from populus genus trees. During the middle of May, poplar fibres, which are creamy-white, lustrous and lightweight fall from trees and cover ground just like snow.

Poplar fibres offer very unique properties but currently they do not have any usage area in industry due to their length. The length of these fibres is around 1 cm which means they cannot be spun into yarns and be employed in the conventional textiles. As a result of that every year tons of poplar fibres are just wasted.

Here our team utilizes these fibres to make flexible pressure sensors to be used in a fashionable smart shoe


The main pillar of the project is sustainability. From business model to working ethics, everything is connected to sustainability.

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Biodegradable and recyclable materials are preferred.

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Out team provides an excellent opportunity to scientists and artists to combine their skills and expertise, which creates a smart shoe.

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Functions of PoplarShoe

Functions of poplar shoe
  • Number of Steps
  • Recent weight
  • Audio coach
  • Covered distance
  • Pressure distribution of steps

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